Webcam image is dark, blurred, or out-of-focus

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Posted Date: 2009-05-11


Last Updated: 2009-06-17


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Qosmio X305-Q710
Portege R500-S5004
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Pictures taken with the computer's built-in webcam may be dark, blurred, or out-of-focus.

There are many reasons why images from a webcam may be dark, out-of-focus, or otherwise blurred -- including motion of the subject, and not enough light for the camera to focus properly.

It's also possible that the protective film covering the webcam module may still be in place. This protective film is nearly invisible, because it is transparent and may not extend beyond the surface of the webcam module itself -- as in the sample illustration below (of an NB205 model).


There may be no tab for convenient removal of the protective film, but it can be removed by working a fingernail underneath one of its corners, and then peeling it away, as shown below. 


Be sure to remove this protective film before spending time on other troubleshooting steps.

If you have already removed the protective film, and you are still seeing dark, blurred, or out-of focus images from the webcam, then review Toshiba Support Bulletin 98082637 Webcam image is very dark or black -- troubleshooting suggestions.

- jh/wa

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