USB Sleep-and-Charge ports not charging my device

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Posted Date: 2008-07-24


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The USB Sleep-and-Charge feature can charge many -- but not all -- devices that can be charged through their USB port. Some devices will not accept a charge from a Sleep-and-Charge port when the computer is Off or in the Sleep / Standby state -- even though those products may be compliant with the USB specification, and can be charged from any of the computer's USB ports when the computer is On.

USB Sleep-and-Charge ports are identified by the special icon shown below. Only USB ports with this icon support the USB Sleep-and-Charge feature.


For some models, the USB Sleep-and-Charge feature is disabled by default. Follow the steps below to enable it, and to determine whether or not a particular device is compatible with USB Sleep-and-Charge.



Follow these steps to enable the USB Sleep-and-Charge feature, and/or to switch between its two modes of operation:

1. Click the Windows Start button, then click All Programs, Toshiba, Utilities, and HWSetup.

2. Click the USB tab. The screen shown below will appear.


As shown above, Disabled is the default state for USB Sleep-and-Charge on some Toshiba computer models.

3. Select Mode 1 to enable USB Sleep-and-Charge, and click OK. Accept the Restart Now invitation, if it appears.

4. Once the computer has restarted, shut it down, or place it in the Sleep / Standby state.

5. Connect your device to one of the computer's USB Sleep-and-Charge ports, and observe whether it charges or not.

If the device does not charge from the USB Sleep-and-Charge port, then follow steps 1-5 above again, but this time select Mode 2 in the HWSetup program.

If the device doesn't accept a charge from a Sleep-and-Charge port set to either Mode 1 or Mode 2, then re-select Disabled in HWSetup -- unless you wish to charge other devices that do accept a charge from a Sleep-and-Charge port. Disabling Sleep-and-Charge can help to maximize battery life by not delivering power to USB devices (mouse, external hard disk drive...) when the computer is in the Sleep / Standby state.

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