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Posted Date: 2018-03-02


Last Updated: 2021-03-28


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Potential Security Impact: Dynabook is aware of the Intel security advisory report as referenced below.  The security and privacy of our customers' information are priorities for Dynabook. Dynabook is working closely with Intel to provide firmware and/or software updates as soon as possible to resolve this security vulnerability. 

In the meantime, Dynabook recommends that customers update their systems to the latest Dynabook firmware and software, apply all of Microsoft System Updates as they become available and follow security best practices for malware protection to help prevent possible exploitation of these vulnerabilities. These practices include, but are not limited to, promptly deploying software updates, avoiding unknown hyperlinks and websites, never downloading files or applications from unknown sources, and employing up-to-date anti-virus and advanced threat protection solutions.

In addition, Dynabook encourages customers to review both Intel’s Security Advisory and the Microsoft Advisory Notice for information, including appropriate identification and mitigation measures.


SA Number
Intel Advisories Titles Status DID Number
INTEL-SA-00475 Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00471 Intel® SOC Driver Package Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00462 Intel® Ethernet E810 Adapter Driver Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00457 Intel® SSD Toolbox Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00456 Intel® Ethernet Controllers Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00455 Intel® SGX Platform Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00453 Intel® XMM™ 7360 Cell Modem Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00451 Intel® Quartus Prime Pro Edition Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00450 Intel® XTU Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00449 Intel® DSA Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00448 Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi and Killer™ Driver Advisory Affected Under Evaluation
INTEL-SA-00447 Intel® Board ID Tool Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00446 Intel® Quartus® Prime Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00445 Intel® EPID SDK Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00444 Intel® SGX Platform Software Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00443 Intel® Server Board Onboard Video Driver Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00439 Intel® Server Board S2600ST & S2600WF Advisory Not Affected  

Intel® Graphics Drivers Advisory

(Replaces: INTEL-SA-00369)

Affected Under Evaluation
INTEL-SA-00436 Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00434 Intel® Server Boards, Server Systems and Compute Modules Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00431 Intel® Battery Life Diagnostic Tool Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00430 Intel® Data Center Manager Console Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00429 Intel® XTU Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00427 Intel CSI2 Host Controller Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00425 Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00424 Open WebRTC Toolkit Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00423 Intel® VTune™ Profiler Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00422 Intel® Thunderbolt™ DCH Drivers for Windows* Advisory Affected DID-4017158
INTEL-SA-00421 Intel® HID Event Filter Driver Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00420 Intel® QAT for Linux Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00419 Intel® Processor Identification Utility Advisory Not Affected  

Intel Unite® Cloud Service Client Advisory

(Direct Download from Intel)

Affected Intel Unite® App
INTEL-SA-00417 Intel® Advisor tools Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00416 Intel® Falcon 8+ UAS AscTec Thermal Viewer Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00415 Intel® ADAS IE Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00414 Intel® NUC Firmware Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00413 Intel® SCS Add-on for Microsoft* Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00412 Intel® EMA Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00410 Intel® Computing Improvement Program Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00409 Intel® High Definition Audio Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00408 Intel® RealSense™ D400 Series Dynamic Calibration Tool Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00404 Intel® AMT and Intel® ISM Advisory Affected Under Evaluation
INTEL-SA-00403 Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® Advisory Affected DID-4017155

Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software Advisory

(Replaces: INTEL-SA-00338)

Affected DID-4017165
INTEL-SA-00400 Intel® 50GbE IP Core for Intel® Quartus Prime Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00398 Intel® SGX DCAP Software Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00397 Intel® RealSense™ DCM Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00391 2020.2 IPU – Intel® CSME, SPS, TXE, and AMT Advisory Affected Under Evaluation
INTEL-SA-00390 Intel BIOS Platform Sample Code Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00389 2020.2 IPU - Intel® RAPL Interface Advisory Affected Under Evaluation
INTEL-SA-00388 Intel® Stratix® 10 FPGA SDM for Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00381 2020.2 IPU - Intel® Processor Advisory Affected Under Evaluation
INTEL-SA-00380 Intel® Ethernet 700 Series Controller Advisory Not Affected  

Intel® Graphics Drivers Advisory

(Replaced by: INTEL-SA-00438)


Refer to:


INTEL-SA-00368 Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator 2 Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00362 Intel® SSD Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00360 Intel® PMC Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00358 2020.2 IPU – BIOS Advisory Not Affected  

Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software Advisory

(Replaced by: INTEL-SA-00402)

Affected DID-4017165
INTEL-SA-00354 Intel® Smart Sound Technology Advisory Not Affected  

Intel Unite® Client Advisory

‚Äč(Direct Download from Intel)

Affected Intel Unite® App
INTEL-SA-00347 Intel BIOS Advisory Affected DID-4017236

Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software Advisory

(Replaced by: INTEL-SA-00402)

Affected DID-4017165
INTEL-SA-00337 Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® Advisory Affected DID-4017234
INTEL-SA-00324 Intel® RST Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00318 Intel® Ethernet I210 Controller Advisory Affected Under Evaluation
INTEL-SA-00317 Unexpected Page Fault in Virtualized Environment Advisory Affected DID-4016833
INTEL-SA-00295 2020.1 IPU – Intel® CSME, SPS, TXE, AMT, ISM and DAL Advisory Affected DID-4016955
INTEL-SA-00262 Intel® Media SDK for Windows* Advisory Not Affected  
INTEL-SA-00260 2019.2 IPU – Intel® Processor Graphics Update Advisory Affected DID-4016831
INTEL-SA-00233 Microarchitectural Data Sampling Advisory Affected DID-4016572
INTEL-SA-00220 2019.2 IPU – Intel® SGX and TXT Advisory Affected DID-4016829
INTEL-SA-00191 Intel Firmware 2018.4 QSR Advisory Affected DID-4016459
INTEL-SA-00185 Intel® CSME, Server Platform Services, Trusted Execution Engine and Intel® Active Management Technology 2018.4 QSR Advisory Affected DID-4016422
INTEL-SA-00161 Q3 2018 Speculative Execution Side Channel Update Affected DID-4016222
INTEL-SA-00141 Intel® Active Management Technology 9.x/10.x/11.x/12.x Security Review Cumulative Update Advisory Affected DID-4016234
INTEL-SA-00131 Power Management Controller (PMC) Security Advisory Affected DID-4016232
INTEL-SA-00125 Intel® CSME Assets Advisory Affected DID-4016230
INTEL-SA-00118 Intel® Converged Security Management Engine (Intel® CSME) 11.x issue Affected DID-4016165
INTEL-SA-00115 Q2 2018 Speculative Execution Side Channel Update Affected DID-4016126
INTEL-SA-00112 Intel Q1’18 Intel® Active Management Technology 9.x/10.x/11.x Security Review Cumulative Update Affected DID-4016163
INTEL-SA-00088 Speculative Execution and Indirect Branch Prediction Side Channel Analysis Method Affected DID-4015952
INTEL-SA-00087 Unsafe Opcodes exposed in Intel SPI based products Affected DID-4016142
INTEL-SA-00086 Intel Q3’17 ME 6.x/7.x/8.x/9.x/10.x/11.x, SPS 4.0, and TXE 3.0 Security Review Cumulative Update Affected DID-4015909
INTEL-SA-00075 Intel Active Management Technology, Intel Small Business Technology, and Intel Standard Manageability Escalation of Privilege Affected DID-4015668
INTEL-SA-00000 Infineon Technologies Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs), Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability Affected DID-4015874
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