Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), Escalation of Remote Privilege Vulnerability Installation Procedure

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Posted Date: 2017-05-18


Last Updated: 2017-06-28


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The purpose of this software is to update the firmware of Intel Management Engine and includes firmware binaries for each Intel chipset platform.



  • Administrator privilege requirement
    • UI mode: It will require Administrator privilege to launch.
    • Silent mode: User should run this tool in administrator command line console.
  • Support OS: Win7, Win8.1, Win10
  • Toshiba Models w/ Intel vPro technology.


Intel AMT/ME firmware Update Tool Process:

  1. Close ALL of the applications that are running on the system.
  2. Verify that the system is running on AC power.
  3. Click on the installation package to the start the upgrade process
    1. The installer will begin by verifying that the system is in a condition to proceed with the update.
      1. If the system is in a condition to proceed, it will start the upgrade process. Once the update is complete, the system will need to be restarted to finish the FW update.
      2. Windows Registry Flag indicating that the system has been update. See below for the registry location and values
        1. Reg Key:        HKLM\Software\Toshiba\MEFWUpdateTool\
        2. Reg Value:    Updated 
        3. Reg Data:      1
      3. If the system fails to update, then the following message will be displayed (Firmware update failed. Error XXXX. Please restart PC).


Silent Mode & Logging Switches:

The update package supports the below switches that can be used for remote deployments



/s or -s

Silent mode, log file will be output to the %temp% directory by default, it will record FW update is successful or failed (w/ error message).


No log file output in silent mode.

If using TC package to run, it is necessary to add “-setup” before “/nolog”.

The full command line example: TCxxx.exe /s /nolog


log file will be output to the tool’s directory by default, it will record FW update is successful or failed (w/ error message)

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