Panasonic Battery Recall FAQs

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Posted Date: 2016-11-09


Last Updated: 2016-11-09


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In January 2016 Toshiba announced a voluntary recall to replace specific battery packs that may have been used in certain Toshiba laptop computers sold between June 2011 and January 2016.  In November 2016, Toshiba expanded this recall to include battery packs used in additional laptops sold between July 2013 and November 2016 but not covered by the previously-announced January 2016 recall.  Because the affected battery packs can pose a burn or fire hazard, Toshiba is offering a free replacement for battery packs that are confirmed to be at risk.




Q1. Which Toshiba laptop models are affected by the recall?
A: Customers who bought certain Toshiba laptops or certain replacement battery packs between June 2011 and November 2016 may have a battery pack subject to the recall. To determine if your battery pack is affected by the recall, go to and follow the listed instructions to download the battery check utility. If you wish to perform a manual check instead, you will also find instructions on the website to locate your laptop and battery packs model/part/serial numbers.

Q2. How can I find out if my battery pack is being recalled?
A: Go to and follow the listed instructions to download the battery check utility to determine if your battery pack is affected by the recall. 

Q3. Did Toshiba expand the battery pack recall previously announced in January 2016?
A: Yes. On November 10,, 2016, Toshiba announced that the Panasonic Battery Pack Recall was being expanded to include additional models, as well as additional serial numbers from the models previously included.

Q4. If I already checked my battery pack using the downloadable battery check utility, do I need to check again?
A: Yes. If your laptop was manufactured between July 2013 and November 2016, and you used the battery check utility before November 10,, 2016, please re-run the utility to confirm that your battery pack is not part of the expanded recall.

Q5. My battery pack was previously determined to be part of the recall and I received a replacement battery pack from Toshiba. Do I need to check if my replacement battery pack is subject to the expanded recall?
A: No. Replacement battery packs provided to customers in connection with the January 2016 recall are not subject to the expanded recall.

Q6. If my battery pack is recalled, how much will the replacement cost?
A: Toshiba will replace recalled battery packs free of charge. 

Q7. Do I have to return my recalled battery pack?
A: If return of your old battery pack is requested, Toshiba will provide you with detailed instructions with each replacement battery pack. Otherwise, you must recycle your old battery pack in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Q8.  If my battery pack is recalled, how long will I have to wait for a replacement?
A: Delivery times may vary, but typically orders will be processed and shipped within 7-14 business days.

Q9. If my battery pack has been recalled, may I continue using my laptop while I’m waiting for my replacement battery pack?
A: Yes, but Toshiba recommends that you immediately turn off your laptop and remove the battery pack.  You may continue to safely use your laptop computer by powering the computer with an AC adapter until you receive a replacement battery pack.

Q10. Is it safe to use a Toshiba laptop on a plane? 
A: If your battery pack is affected by the recall, whether you are on an airplane or not, Toshiba recommends that you immediately remove the battery pack and power your laptop with an AC adapter until you receive a replacement battery pack. Check with your air carrier for policies and procedures regarding laptops and batteries.

Q11. How do I install my new battery pack
A: Your new battery pack will slide into the battery pack slot from the rear of the laptop. If you need additional assistance, access your laptop’s user guide at

Q12. Does the replacement battery pack have a warranty?
A: The replacement battery pack includes a 90 day limited warranty.

Q13. My computer is not affected by the recall program, why did I get the notification?
A: Your laptop model is on a master list of Toshiba worldwide models that potentially could have had an affected battery pack, although not all battery packs used on all models are affected. If the battery check utility or manual lookup process has indicated that your laptop is not affected, you do not need to take any further action.

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