What is ConfigFree and how do you use it?

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Posted Date: 2016-09-05


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What is ConfigFree™?

ConfigFree™ is a software suite for Toshiba’s range of mobile computing devices, designed to simplify wireless and wired network connectivity. With its major components, namely Network Connection Analysis, Network Device Control, Profile Setting & Switching and Search for Wireless Devices, users are able to easily manage wireless network connectivity, wherever they happen to be.

Why is Toshiba offering this software suite?

Customers have told us that device set-up and configuration are not always easy to manage. Mobile users require wireless connectivity and mobile computing to be simple to activate and to manage. ConfigFree™ is our response to those customer needs and requirements. Designed with Toshiba users in mind, network profiles and connectivity requirements can now be managed via a single graphical interface. For customers, this means "anywhere, anytime communications" are now intuitive and hassle-free.

What is Network Connection Analysis?

This Connectivity Doctor identifies, analyses and helps to resolve any network configuration issues that users may experience. This proactive tool not only informs the user of any connectivity issues but also guides the user through the troubleshooting process in order to help solve the problem. If required, the Doctor can even help users to find the switch for the wireless antenna on the Toshiba notebook. With this interactive and easy-to-use tool, network connectivity is simple to manage.

What is Profile Setting and Switching?

Profiles are created for various kinds of connectivity, depending on the user's point of connection (in the office, on the road or at home) and type of communications (wired or wireless). By enabling users to establish and switch easily among various profiles, users no longer need to spend time reconfiguring their notebooks, when on the move. So, whether you are in the office and need to switch from wired to wireless connectivity or on the road and establishing a new wireless connection, profiles can be easily captured and managed.

What is Network Device Control?

This tool helps users to switch among network devices, for example from wired to wireless connections, by enabling or disabling hardware features. Network Device Control simplifies communications, allowing users to quickly enable or disable wireless devices as needed. For instance, Infrared can be easily activated or deactivated, depending on the user's wireless requirements.

What is "Search for Wireless Devices"?

The tool displays nearby active Wi-Fi / 802.11b access points as well as any ad-hoc networks on a radar screen. ConfigFree version 4.0 for notebooks even allows users to search for Bluetooth enabled devices and to establish a connection to any authorised devices found. Wireless devices with a stronger radio signal are positioned closer to the center of the radial diagram while those with weaker radio signals are positioned farther from the center.

Will ConfigFree™ make me more productive?

This connectivity suite will make mobile working simpler and more productive by saving the user time normally spent reconfiguring devices for various locations and network devices. Moreover, additional features are designed to enhance the productivity of the mobile worker. For instance, the user can easily connect to a Toshiba wireless enabled projector to deliver presentations or spontaneously share ideas during meetings. With wireless presentations, communications are simple, spontaneous and effective.

What are Toshiba's plans for future versions of this connectivity suite?

Future versions of ConfigFree™ will offer users additional connectivity, security and diagnostic features for enhanced productivity. For instance, the tools will support Bluetooth devices more widely, enabling the client to gain and control a connection quickly. Finally, other forms of wireless communication will also be supported, including support for emerging wireless networking standards like 802.11a, WPA & GPRS.

For what models is this software be available?

ConfigFree™ software is bundled with the latest Toshiba mobile computing devices and also available for download onto a selected range of existing Toshiba models.

Please refer to the "Download Software" section for the latest details at: Wireless World - Resource centre.

What are the supported operating systems for ConfigFree™?

Toshiba supports a number of notebook and PDA models with ConfigFree™ software pre-installed. On Toshiba’s range of notebook PC’s support includes: Microsoft® Windows® XP (including the Home, Pro and Tablet PC editions) and Microsoft® Windows® 2000On Toshiba PDA devices the software suite runs on Microsoft® Windows® Mobile 2003 for PocketPC.

What languages are supported?

On Toshiba range of notebook PC’s language support includes:
English, German, French, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, and Japanese.

On Toshiba PDA devices the software support the following languages: English, German, French, Italian & Spanish.

Can I buy this software?

No, this software is only available with selected Toshiba notebook models. Users are able to download the ConfigFree software or any upgrade version for use on selected Toshiba notebooks, including some models, which did not originally ship with the software.

What models are supported?

Latest range of Toshiba notebook PC's featuring a build-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth module. Please refer to the version overview table for further details.


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