TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool Utility

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Posted Date: 2016-07-31


Last Updated: 2016-07-31


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This utility can display the basic information of a computer and diagnose its built-in devices. However, assume that the diagnostic is for reference only. This product performs a diagnostic based on "Diagnostic Method for Main Components and Its Results." Therefore, hardware that is diagnosed as normal still may not actually be usable. When using this product, use the computer on which it is preinstalled or to which it is attached.

For complete information about the TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool, click "Help" at the bottom of the Diagnostic Tool window to view information about the following:

  • Components Description of TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool
  • Operation of TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool
  • Diagnostic Method for Main Components

If this utility or feature is not installed on your computer, you can verify if it is available for your specific model under "Downloads" on the TOSHIBA support web site ( Not all utilities are available for every model and operating system. When installing any utilities, install the TOSHIBA Value Added Package first.

To open the PC Diagnostic Tool utility:

  1. Click the Start menu. On Windows 8, go to the Start screen.
  2. Enter "Diagnostic" into the search field. On Windows 8, type "Diagnostic" while viewing the Start screen.
  3. Click "PC Diagnostic Tool" in the search results.
  4. The PC Diagnostic Tool will open showing basic computer information. When the TOSHIBA PC diagnostic tool is started, the basic information of the computer is displayed.
  5. Click the "Diagnostic Tool" tab to open the diagnostic portion of the utility.
  6. Select the items you want to run diagnostics for and click "Start Diagnostic".
  7. The PC Diagnostic Tool will run checks on the selected components and report back.
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