How do I download drivers for my TV

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Posted Date: 2016-06-28


Last Updated: 2016-06-28


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Most Toshiba Televisions do not require drivers to be downloaded. You can however check to see if your Television has Firmware or Software to be downloaded by CLICKING HERE and entering your TV Model or Serial number to see if there are any Firmware or Software updates for your television. If there are any available they will be available on that web page.

If you are having issues with your Television and wish to restore your TV back to Factory defaults consult the users guide for your TV or resetting back to factory defaults

Find your users guide by CLICKING HERE and

  1. Entering your model number
  2. Selecting "Manuals & Specs"
  3. Select User's Guide.

In the Users guide look for the sections or item titled "Resetting to Factory Defaults"



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