I need help selecting a different input source on my TV

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Changing Inputs on your TV


There is no video/sound from my external device (blu-ray, cable, game console, etc...) with my device connected and the TV and device turned ON.


You may be having issues viewing or hearing an external device (DVD, Blu-Ray, Game Console) or cable TV channels from the Cable Box connected to your TV. The device is connected and ON.

All TOSHIBA televisions offer the ability to connect multiple external media devices (DVD, Cable, etc…) through inputs (HDMI, Video, etc…) located on the rear of the TV. Not all TV’s are equipped with the same number and/or types of inputs. When a device is properly connected, powered on and streaming content, the TV must be on the corresponding Input for the location of the connection for that device to be able to see and hear the desired content.

When connecting external devices, be sure to follow the instructions in the Owner’s Manual. The Owner’s Manual will show you how to properly connect your devices as well as how to set the TV inputs to allow viewing of the content from the device.

The following video describes how to properly select your input based on the connected devices.

  1. Ensure the TV is off.
  2. Ensure your connected device is operating properly before putting into use with your TV.
  3. Connect the device to the correct Input on the rear of the TV as outlined in CHAPTER 2: CONNECTING YOUR TV in your Owner’s Guide.

    NOTE: The input connections on the rear of the TV correspond to selectable inputs you will choose after turning the TV and device on.

    NOTE: When connecting your laptop to your TV using the PC (VGA) connection, a seperate sound connection is required between the laptop and the television to listen to the laptops sound on the TV. This could be as simple as connecting a 3.5mm audio jack between the laptop speaker port and the rear of the TV. Refer to your TV Owner's Manual for detailed instructions on connecting sound.
  4. Turn on the TV and your connected device.
  5. Using the remote control, select INPUT to display the input list (or press INPUT on the front of the TV).

    NOTE: Some models will have the INPUT button in a different location on the remote control, older TV models may have a TV/Video button.
  6. Press the INPUT button and then the number for the desired input that corresponds to the connected device. See the graphic below for reference.

NOTE: You may also press the INPUT button repeatedly or use the arrow buttons on the remote to select the input.

NOTE: TV Model 40E210U shown for reference only, other models are similar.

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