I need help hooking up a DVD/Blu-Ray player to my TV

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Posted Date: 2016-06-28


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When you connect your Blu-ray or DVD player to your TV or audio receiver, make sure turn both devices off and unplug them. Refer to the owner's manual for your player, television and audio receiver for full details and instructions.

Generic player used in images. Your player may or may not look similar and be equipped with the same inputs. Refer to the owner's manual for your player for available connections.

Connecting to TV using composite cables (Good)

  • If your TV only has one audio input, you can connect the left and right audio outputs of the DVD player to a Y adapter (not supplied) and then connect to your television.

Connecting to TV using component cables (Better)
  • Some TV’s or monitors are equipped with component video inputs. Connecting to these inputs allows you to enjoy higher quality picture playback. The Red Pr, Blue Pb, and Green Y are the component video out puts.  When using component cables, you will need audio cables connected to the audio system or TV for sound.



Connecting to TV using an HDMI cable (Best)

  • When connecting with a HDMI cable, use the HDMI cable only, no other video or audio cables are required with this type of connection.


Connecting to Audio System using composite cables (Good)


Connecting to Audio System using a digital cable (Best)


Connecting to Audio System using an HDMI cable (Best)



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