Toshiba Flash Cards Support Utility

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Posted Date: 2015-01-09


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TOSHIBA Flash Cards is a utility using a card type design. It replaces the "Hot Key Utility" which is a conventional utility for Windows. Pressing a specific key together with the Fn key executes the function assigned to the key (hot key function). When a hot key is pressed or the mouse cursor is moved to the end of the screen, the cards are displayed in a row at the end of the screen.

When a key to which a hot key was assigned is pressed or when one of the cards lined up at the end of the screen is selected, the card is displayed. The functions that the user can select from this card are presented with the subitems displayed with the card. When the user selects a subitem, the function of the selected item is executed. A hot key or mouse can be used to select an item when it is displayed.

Selecting an item using the keyboard

While pressing down the Fn key, press the hot key repeatedly to move along the subitems that can be selected. The function of the subitem that is selected when the user releases the Fn key is executed.

  • When [F6/F7] is pressed, only selecting a subitem without releasing the Fn key executes the corresponding function.

Selecting an item with the mouse

Moving the mouse cursor can move along the subitems that can be selected. The function of the subitem that is selected when the left mouse button is clicked.

  • When [F6/F7] is pressed, moving the slider executes the function.

To open the Flash Cards utility settings:

  1. Click the Start menu.
  2. Enter "Flash" into the search field.
  3. Click "Flash Cards" in the search results.
  4. Setting for Flash Cards will open.
  5. Make changes as desired and click "apply" to set or "Cancel" to exit without changing settings.

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