FAQ: Help using and setting up your Chromebook

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Posted Date: 2014-02-01


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Applicable Models
Chromebook CB30-A3120
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Click one of the links below for help using and setting up your Chromebook

(The links below will take you to Google's chromebook support site which has the most up to date information available on Chromebooks.)

* If you do not find the help you are looking for on this page you can go directly to Google chromebook
support page at http://support.google.com/chromeos

Getting started with your Chromebook

Connecting to WiFi other Networks and Bluetooth devices

Managing apps

Personalizing your Chromebook

Using the PhotoApp and sharing Photos


Resetting back to Factory Default (a.k.a. Powerwash)

Find the latest Chrome OS release update information

Below are Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I install a different operating system on my Chromebook, like Windows?

A. No, Chromebook PCs come with Chrome OS installed. The Firmware is speciically tailored to the Chrome OS.

Q. How do I update drivers?

A. Toshiba does not provide driver updates for Chromebook PCs. Any updates are handled automatically by Google.

Q. Why does my device that I plugged into my USB port not work?

A. Chromebooks do not support any USB devices that require drivers like tablets. USB CD/DVD drives connected to Chromebooks can only read data from the disc but cannot write data to a disc. Chromebook computers cannot play DVD movies.

The following USB devices should work, in most cases:

  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Headphones and audio devices
  • Webcams
  • USB-to-Ethernet adapters
  • USB drives and external storage
  • USB hubs

If a USB device from the above list does not work, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Remove the USB device.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Reinsert the USB device.
  • If the device is still not working, try using a different USB port, if one is available.

Q. Do I need to install virus protection?

A. No antivirus software is needed.

Chromebooks come with built-in malware and virus protection, with multiple layers of security:

  • Automatic update system : Virus protection stays up-to-date automatically, so you are always running the latest and most secure version. Chrome manages your updates silently in the background.
  • Sandboxing : Each Web page and application runs in a restricted "sandbox" environment. If one tab is infected, it can't infect other tabs, apps, or anything else on your Chromebook.
  • Data encryption : All data is encrypted for each account, meaning that you must be signed in to access your data, and no other person can access data from a different account.

Q. Where can I find out the latest information on the Chrome OS updates and releases

A. Go to the Google Chrome OS blogspot at http://googlechromereleases.blogspot.com/





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