Cannot adjust ClearScan settings

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Posted Date: 2013-06-27


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Applicable Models
Television 23L1350U
Television 23L2300U
Television 23L2300U1
Television 29L1350U
Television 29L1350UM
Television 32L1350U
Television 32L1350U1
Television 32L2300U
Television 32L2300U1
Television 32L2300UM
Television 39L1350U
Television 39L1350UM
Television 39L2300U
Television 39L2300UM
Television 50L1350U
Television 50L2300U
Television 50L2300UM
Television 58L1350U



There is no menu option for ClearScan and cannot adjust ClearScan setttings seperately.


ClearScan settings are integrated with Cinema mode. There are no seperate adjustments for ClearScan on these models. When Cinema Mode is enabled, ClearScan is also enabled.

Click here for additional information about ClearScan.



To enable Cinema Mode:

  1. Press the "Settings" button on the remote control.
  2. Select the "Picture" menu.
  3. Select "Advanced Picture Settings".
  4. Highlight "Cinema Mode".
  5. Use the up/down arrows to select "ON" and press the "Enter" button.



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