FAQ: FlashAir Frequently asked questions

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FAQ: FlashAir Frequently asked questions

Photos and other data can be transferred to PCs, smartphones and tablet PCs without any need for a cable connection. The following information provides answers to common questions. Refer to the Users Guide available at support.toshiba.com for your FlashAir card for complete instructions for installing the FlashAir utility and configuring your FlashAir card as well as additional information.

The FlashAir utility is located in the FlashAir card by default along with the software for communicating wirelessly. This utility allows you to configure a password for your wireless LAN settings and other items. If the card is formatted using a computer or device, the card will lose the ability to communicate wirelessly. It will then need to be formatted using the utility to resume wireless commincation.



How do I connect wirelessly to my FlashAir card and download pictures

Follow the steps below to connect wirelessly to your FlashAir card:

  1. Ensure that you have configured the FlashAir card first by inserting it in a computer and run the FlashAir.exe file located on the card to install the FlashAir utility. Refer to the Users Guide for complete instructions.
  2. Turn on the camera that has the FlashAir card inserted in it.
  3. On the target device (PC, Tablet or Smartphone) that you are trying to connect to the FlashAir card with, go to the wireless settings and connect to the SSID (flashair_xxxxxxxx) of the FlashAir card.
  4. Open a browser on the target device and type in (or click) the URL http://flashair. Its a good idea to create a shortcut for future use.
  5. You should now be able to navigate the FlashAir card in the browser and view or copy the pictures using the functions of your browser. (in most browsers right clicking on the image will bring up a dialog with an option to save the image. IE and Chrome call it "Save target as...", Firefox uses "Save Link as..." )

Can I install the FlashAir utility on a MAC?

Yes, the FlashAir utility for MAC is available for download at support.toshiba.com.

I have forgotten the security key (password)

The password can be reset by using the FlashAir utility

  1. Open the FlashAir utility.
  2. Select the "Card Setting" tab.
  3. Under "Wireless LAN Setting" enter a new password.
  4. Select "Apply".
  5. Select "Yes" when prompted to save the web access settings.

The new password will be set.

FlashAir cannot connect wirelessly

  • Ensure it hasn't been longer than 5 minutes since powering on the device with the FlashAir card installed. By default, FlashAir can only connect within 5 minutes of powering on. This length of time can be changed (shorter or longer) through the FlashAir utility under "Card Setting".
  • Check that the device with the FlashAir card installed is not automatically powering off before trying to connect.
  • Check that other wireless devices are not causing interference with the FlashAir connection between the two devices. If necessary, move to another location and retry the transfer.

FlashAir wireless connection terminates before a file is completely saved

  • Check that the device the file is being transferred from (with the FlashAir card installed) is not automatically powering off before the file transfer is complete.
  • Check that other wireless devices are not causing interference with the FlashAir connection between the two devices. If necessary, move to another location and retry the transfer.

What security is available for FlashAir?

Encryption mode is WPA2. When setting the SSID and Password (security key) under "Wireless LAN Setting", the security key should have 8 to 63 alphanumeric characters. If the "Password" field is blank, the Product is lax on security. Users should take appropriate security measures to prevent from hacking or stealing data transmitted wirelessly by third parties. Do not use easy-to-guess passwords and please select a strong password. Toshiba recommends you to make a note of your SSID and security key.

I formatted the FlashAir card on my computer/device, now it does not connect wirelessly

If you format the FlashAir card using a computer (not the FlashAir utility) or using a devices formatting ability, the software required to communicate wirelessly will be removed from the card and it will become a normal SD memory card. To restore the card back with the ability to communicate wirelessly, perform the following steps:

NOTE: This procedure will erase all files currently save to the card and reinstall the software necessary to communicate wirelessly.

  1. Connect the FlashAir card to your computer.
  2. Save any files you want to keep to your computer from the FlashAir card.
  3. Open the FlashAir utility.
  4. Select the "Format the card" tab.
  5. Click the "Format" button.

The FlashAir card will be formatted and the necessary software will be reinstalled. However, the FlashAir utility will NOT be installed onto the card as it was when the card was new.


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