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Posted Date: 2012-08-28


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Applicable Models
Television 42L6200U
Television 47L6200U
Television 47L7200U
Television 55L6200U
Television 55L7200U



How to enable Flash content on my in TV browser?

  • Download the latest firmware version to the TV.
    • Press the TV MENU button.
    • Select GET HELP
    • Select Software Upgrade
    • Press the OK button
  • Launch a WEB Browser
    • Press the INTERNET button on the remote or select the
      Internet icon on the ePORTAL page.
  • Select the advance settings icon  at the top of the WEB browser.
  • Select “Enable / Disable Plug-In” Make sure this option is set to Enable.

On Some WEB Sites I get an Alert saying that “Flash content is unable to load.”

  • If the Flash content on the WEB Site exceeds the TV’s memory size you will see this message.
  • Press the “OK” on this Alert box to continue.
  • This issue is WEB Content based and is limited by the TV memory size.

When trying to play some on-line games the window appears blank with no content.

  • The content is using graphic functions which are not supported and as a result cannot be played

Some games will not play in the WEB browser.

  • Due to the intensive CPU operations not all games are supported by the browser due to CPU requirements of the Game.

Sometimes Audio drops out when viewing specific browser content.

  • When another audio is tried to playback before the first audio is stopped a no Audio condition may occur. This is due to the script of the WEB content.

When doing a time search during video playback in 720p/1080p Video stream the playback may stop.

  • This issue is content dependent and may occur from time to time depending on the content source.

When using 2D to 3D mode in the WEB browser I am missing part of the picture.

  • You must be in full screen video mode to view the complete picture when using the 2D to 3D mode.
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