dynadock™ Troubleshooting Guide

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Posted Date: 2012-02-22


Last Updated: 2012-02-22


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Applicable Models
dynadock PA3541U-2PRP dynadock VGA
dynadock PA3542U-2PRP dynadock DVI
dynadock PA3575U-1PRP dynadock U
dynadock PA3686U-1SET dynadock wireless
dynadock PA3778U-1PRP dynadock V
dynadock PA3927U-1PRP dynadock U3.0



Some problems are relatively easy to identify and solve; however, others may require help from your network administrator or company technical staff. If you need to contact Toshiba, you will find information regarding Toshiba’s services at the end of this document. Before you contact Toshiba, please read the troubleshooting advice in this manual, in your computer’s user’s guide and/or in any manuals that came with your optional peripheral devices. Due to USB bandwidth limitations, you may notice performance issues if you are performing several resource-intensive tasks simultaneously (such as playing audio while simultaneously recording audio, transferring large files and using a high-definition web camera). This type of activity is common when running instant messaging applications. In such situations, the screen may go black or become unresponsive or there may be no sound from the connected audio device. Limit the amount of applications you have open at one time to avoid these performance limitations.

The contents below provide possible solutions to common issues and are in reference to Windows 7. Windows XP and Windows Vista procedures may vary.

A link to the drivers for all operating systems including Windows 8 are available at the end of this document. CLICK HERE.







Some issues can be resolved by installing the latest version of the dynadock software. Please click the link at the bottom of www.dynadock.com to access the latest drivers, or download and install the latest Windows video drivers from the DisplayLink website below: http://www.displaylink.com/support/downloads.php


There is a blue LED (Power light) in the front of the dynadock. If the blue LED is not on, verify the following:
* The power cord is plugged into the AC outlet and is firmly connected.   
* The power cord is plugged into the AC Adapter and is firmly connected.
* The AC Adapter is plugged into the dynadock and is firmly connected.
* Try another AC outlet if possible.
* Try another AC Adapter if possible.

The blue LED is on but the dynadock is not seen by my computer. 
* Disconnect the USB cable from the dynadock and then from the computer.  Reconnect it again.
* Disconnect the AC Adapter on the dynadock and reconnect it. 
* Try another USB port.
* Verify that all devises and drivers installed properly. There should be 7 new entries that the dynadock adds to Device Manager. Compare your computers Device Manager to the one seen below in Figure 1 (shown below).  If there are any devices that did not install correctly or are missing, reinstall the dynadock drivers.
* Verify the drivers are installed. Go to Program and Features located in Control Panel and confirm both entries shown in Figures 2 and 3 (shown below) are installed on your system. If not reinstall the dynadock drivers.


External monitor does not power on.
* Verify the power cord on the monitor is plugged into the outlet and connected to the external monitor.    
* If possible try plugging the monitor to another outlet.
* If possible try another power cord. 

No video on the monitor that is attached to the dynadock. 
* Verify the monitor is configured to the correct input.  There may be a button on the monitor/TV to select the video input you have the dynadock connected to. Check the monitor’s user’s manual.
* Disconnect the video cable attached to the dynadock and the monitor and reconnect it. Verify that they are firmly attached.
* Try a different video cable. A bad video cable (HDMI, DVI, DVI adapter to SVGA) can cause video problems.
* Try adjusting the resolution, contrast and or brightness controls on the external monitor. See the monitor user’s manual.
* Verify the dynadock are installed. Confirm there are two entries in Control Panel/ Program and Features. See Figures 2 & 3 below.
* Verify Device Manager does not show any devices with a yellow exclamation mark. See Figure 1. If so, reinstall the dynadock drivers.

The dynadock U3.0 icon does not appear on the Windows Taskbar.
* The icon will only appear when you have the dynadock attached and a monitor is attached to one of the video ports on the dynadock. 

On a Toshiba laptop, the function keys FN/F5, do not work when I have the dynadock connected to external monitors. How do I toggle the display between the monitors / TV I have attached?
* Some Toshiba computers models do not support FN/F5 function to toggle the display with the dynadock. Press the Windows + P keys to toggle between displays.
* You can change the display by going the dynadock icon in the task tray and select the Video Setup this will bring up the display resolution window.

This will bring up the screen resolution window.  

* You can make changes directly from the dynadock icon located on the Windows Taskbar. Click on the icon snd select dynadock U3.0 to view the available settings.

External monitor only shows a wall paper background. 
* Your display is configured to extended mode. You can use the Windows + P keys or the other options listed  above to toggle between displays.   

Extended monitor does not work. 
* Some Operating Systems, Windows 7 Home Starter for example, do not support the extended mode.

Video or game playback is slow or choppy on the external monitor that is connected to the dynadock™.
* The dynadock™ uses an advanced video graphics controller to display images on an external monitor connected to the dynadock™. However, the dynadock™ connects to the computer via USB, and due to USB data transfer speed limitations, some or all portions of video/game playback may appear slow or choppy. This is not a malfunction of the dynadock™.

For optimal video playback performance:
* Use your laptop display.
* Click on the TOSHIBA video dock icon and select Optimize for Video for optimal full screen video playback on the external monitor connected to the dynadock™. (see image below)

Fonts, characters and icons seem to be blurry and fuzzy.
* This could also be the result of not using the optimized video resolution for your display.
* This may be the result of using the Optimize for Video function.  Disable Optimize for Video, this option is design for videos, games and video clips.  To disable Optimize for Video, click on the dynadock icon in the taskbar, select dynadock U3.0, select Optimize for Video.


Cannot play video some files or DVD movies on a monitor that is attached to the dynadock.
* Try using a different media player (e.g. Windows Media Player), and/or installing codecs for your existing media player.

Cannot play a Blu-ray movie on an external monitor attached to the dynadock.
* Currently copyright protected Blu-ray playback through USB devices (including the dynadock) is not supported.
Toshiba notebook, when playing a Blu-ray movie on the internal LCD computer the internal LCD is black. 
* Disconnect the dynadock from the computer. Play the Blu-ray movie. 

ATI Catalyst Control Center does not work. 
* Some versions of ATI Catalyst Control Center are not supported by the dynadock™. Use Windows Display Properties and/or the dynadock Utility instead to control your display(s).


There is no sound coming from the external monitor.
* The computer’s audio maybe disabled. If so enable it.
* The computers audio is on mute, unmute it, or the volume is set to low, increase the volume. 
* Adjust sound in control panel
* The external display may not have built in speakers. See the display’s user’s manual.
* The sound volume on the monitor/TV is set too low, increase it.   

Sound does not work from the dynadock.
* Confirm the computer audio are not disabled/mute.
* If the volume is set to low increase it.
* Dynadock driver installs audio drivers. Confirm there are two entries in Program and Features, in Control Panel.  See Figures 2 and 3 below. 
* Verify Device Manager does not have any devices listed with a yellow exclamation point. See figure 1. 

Audio on the 5.1 audio jacks do not work. 
* Verify the audio jacks are firmly connected. 
* Configure the speaker to 5.1 surround sound using the procedure below: 

Procedure: Click on Start, Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, PlaybackConfigure. Select the surround sound speakers.  Follow the instructions to complete the configuration.




Network port on the dynadock does not function.  
* Verify the network cable is connected correctly to the dynadock.  Unplug the network cable and reconnect it.
* Try a different network cable.
* The dynadock driver installs a network driver. Confirm there are two entries in Control Panel/ Program and Features. See Figures 2 and 3 below.
* Verify there are no devices listed in device manage with a yellow exclamation point.  See Figure 1. 
* You may need to contact your network administrator.


Why doesn’t the dynadock charge the computer’s battery and power the computer like a traditional port replicator.
* The dynadock is a universal docking station that connects to the computer via the USB bus.  It is not designed to charge your computer. 

USB Port on the dynadock does not work.
* Unplug the USB device and reinsert it.
* Verify USB device driver(s) has been installed.  See the USB device’s user’s manual.
* Verify nothing is disabled in Device Manager.  Compare your Device Manager to the figure 1 below. 
* Verify there are two entries in Control Panel/ Program and Features. See Figures 2 and 3 below.
* Verify there are no devices listed in device manage with a yellow exclamation point. See Figure 1 below.

Dynadock does not charge my device (Smart Phone, MP3 Player, Cell Phone, etc.).
* Some devices draw more power and the dynadock may not be able to provide the power these devices require. 
* Refer to the manual of the device to see if it supports charging from the USB port.

My real-time device (for example, a Web camera, microphone, or speakers) does not operate properly when connected to the dynadock™.
* Due to USB bandwidth limitations, real-time devices (for example, Web cameras, and speakers) may not operate properly if more than two such devices are connected to the dynadock™ at the same time.

There are 7 entries in Device Manager (Windows 7) shown in Figure 1.
1) DisplayLink USB Gigabit Network Adapter.
2) DisplayLink USB Audio Adapter.
3) Generic USB Hub.
4) Generic USB Hub.
5) USB Composite Device.
6) DisplayLink Display Adapter (4305)
7) Dynadock U3.0

Figure 1


There are two entries in Program and Features
1. Displaylink Core Software.
2. Toshiba USB Display DriversThere are two entries in Program and Features.

Figure 2 (Top half list of Programs and Features)

Figure 3 (Bottom half list of Programs and Features)




Where can I find Windows 8 drivers for my dynadock?
CLICK HERE to locate Windows 8 drivers for the following dynadock models:

  • dynadock U
  • dynadock V
  • dynadock U3.0
  • dynadock wireless U
  • TOSHBA USB Mobile Monitor







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