How to enable Hardware Virtualization if it is Supported on Your Computer

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Posted Date: 2011-01-26


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Your computer may support virtualization technology that enables you to run Windows® XP-compatible applications on your Windows® 7 computer. This gives you the flexibility to continue using legacy applications while still benefiting from Windows® 7 improvements. Virtual Windows® XP Mode is supported only on systems running Windows® 7 Professional or Windows® 7 Ultimate.


To take advantage of Virtual Windows® XP Mode, you may need to enable the Virtualization Technology setting in your computer’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System). To check if virtualization technology is supported on your computer model and to enable it if necessary, do the following:

1. Start or restart your computer. While the system starts, press the appropriate key for accessing the BIOS Setup screen.
The key you need to press (usually ESC, F1, F2) varies by computer model. A message indicating which key to press displays on the screen shortly after you start or restart the computer.
This message may be expressed as “F1=Setup” or something similar.

2. Press the appropriate key (usually ESC, F1, or F2) for accessing the BIOS on your computer model, as directed by the on-screen message.

3. Locate the “Virtualization Technology” setting, if available, and enable it if necessary. On some computer models, the following four virtualization technology options are available:
Disabled – Select this option to disable virtualization technology.
VT-x & VT-d – Select this option to enable both the VT-x and VT-d features.
VT-x Only – Select this option to enable the VT-x feature only.
VT-d Only – Select this option to enable the VT-d feature only.
If you have two memory (RAM) modules installed in your system and the
modules are of different capacities (for example, 1GB + 2GB), please select the “VT-x Only” setting or disable virtualization technology.

NOTE: If your BIOS does not provide virtualization technology as an option, this feature is not supported on your computer model.

4. Restart the computer.

For more information on running Windows® XP Mode on your Windows® 7 system, please visit Microsoft’s® Web site at

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