Adjusting the picture size.

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Posted Date: 2010-10-01


Last Updated: 2010-09-22


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Television 19AV500U
Television 19AV501U
Television 26AV500U
Television 32AV500U
Television 37AV500U
Television 42AV500U



 If you want to adjust the size of the picture or your TV screen there are two ways of performing this. You can change the picture size with the TV remote or through the TV’s menu.

  • At the top of the remote is a button labeled “PIC SIZE”, each time the button is pressed the TV will cycle to the next picture mode.  The sequence is Full → Theater Wide 1 → Theater Wide 2 → Theater Wide 3 → Natural → Full.    



  • PIC SIZE can also be changed in the VIDEO menu. Use the UP or DOWN arrow buttons to highlight the VIDEO menu. Press the RIGHT arrow button once to access the menu, use the UP or DOWN arrow buttons to highlight ADVANCED PICTURE and press the “ENTER” button.


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