How to restore your Toshiba computer/tablet to its factory fresh software condition using system recovery

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Posted Date: 2010-08-19


Last Updated: 2012-12-07


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Many Toshiba computers/tablets come with the factory software recovery image stored in a special (hidden) area on the hard disk. From this special hidden system recovery image, you can restore your computer to its factory-fresh software condition by following these steps:

For Windows 7 and Prior versions

  1. Make sure the device is turned off ("Shut-down" from the Windows Start menu)
  2. Remove any peripherals such an external mouse, keyboard, monitor, USB flash drive etc.
  3. Make sure the AC Adapter is plugged in and working.
  4. Press and hold down the 0 (zero) key on the keyboard while powering on the computer/tablet.  Release it when the recovery warning screen appears.
  5. If the recovery process offers a choice of Operating Systems, select the appropriate one for you.
  6. A warning screen appears, stating that when the recovery is executed all data will be deleted and rewritten.
  7. Click Yes to continue.
  8. When the Toshiba Recovery Wizard opens select "Recovery of Factory Software" or the appropriate option for your needs.
  9. Continue to follow the directions restarting as necessary.

For Windows 8

For devices equipped with Windows 8, "Reset" returns your device to its out-of-box, factory default conditions (removes your personal files and apps as well reset all settings to defaults) similar to a “System Recovery.” Refer to the How To: Understanding System Restore, Refresh, Reset, and, Recovery options in Windows 8 + Video knowledge base article for complete information.

For Windows 10

From a complete shutdown.
1. Hold down 0 (zero) key and then release this key just after the computer is powered on.
2. Select Troubleshoot -> TOSHIBA Maintenance Utility -> TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the recovery

Please consult your users guide for complete instructions on System recovery options for your laptop

Please note that the process may vary slightly from machine to machine, that you may be asked to insert disks (multi-disk packages) and that the process may take one to two hours to complete.  The recovery process will restart your computer several times.

As you use the recovery process you will have several options. One of these may be to create a custom size partition. Follow the directions on screen for this and other options as prompted.  When in doubt, it's usually best to accept the default, or pre-selected option.

If you would like to learn more about how to create your own recovery media Click Here


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