Toshiba USB Sleep and Charge Utility

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Posted Date: 2010-01-21


Release Date: 2010-01-21


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  Select TOSHIBA laptops offer up to four convenient USB Sleep-and-Charge ports and the TOSHIBA Sleep Utility allowing charging of USB devices such as a cell phone, camera or media player (*1) with the computer in sleep mode or even shut down. The computer does not have to be connected to power to charge devices (*2)(*3) (without AC adapter connected)..

Verify the computer is equipped with Sleep and Charge

  • Look at the USB ports for a lightning bolt next to one or more of the USB ports.
  • The Sleep Utility window opens when you connect a device to the USB port with the lightning bolt.

Verify the device to be charged can do so through its power cable using a USB port. Each USB device may have its own specific charging specification. To charge your device in Standby/Sleep Mode, Hibernation Mode, or shutdown state, the suitable mode for your device has to be selected. Auto Mode (Default) is suitable for a wide range of digital audio players. However, determining which mode is suitable for your USB device is unknown without trying. Try each mode, use the procedure in the video, from Auto Mode to Alternate Mode (*4) to find the suitable mode for your USB device to charge. (*5)

Click here to view Sleep and Charge video to enable / disable.

*1. The device must support USB charging. However, the "USB Sleep and Charge function" may not work with certain external devices even if they are compliant with the USB specification. In those cases, power on the computer to charge the device.

*2. Embedded battery power is depleted.

*3. [Enable under Battery Mode] feature is not supported by a computer which does not have a battery.

*4. Some computers may not support all modes.

*5. Some devices may not be supported in any of the modes.

Refer to your Owner's Manual for complete instructions for enabling / disabling Sleep and Charge.

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