ACPI Flash BIOS version 1.50 for Satellite (Pro) L305/L355 (PSLB0U/1U PSLD0U/1U)

File: slb0v150.exe

Version: 1.50
Posted Date: 2008-11-18


Release Date: 2008-07-25


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WinRAR self-extracting ZIP file includes both Windows-based and diskette based BIOS update installation options. See the included documentation for details.

Change History

    Version 1.50 - 2008-07-25
    • Added panel ID LP154WX4-TLD2.
    • Disabled SB COM A, COM B, LPT, FDD IO resource decode to prevent a GPS card resource conflict.
    • Added the LP154WX4-TLD2 Brightness Table.
    • Corrected: The internal keyboard repeat speed can not be changed.
    Version 1.40 - 2008-06-11
    • Updated to the DMI N and J specifications.
    • Modified: CMOS SBF Suppress Boot Disp default setting.
    • Corrected: Disk ID issue in Windows XP.
    • Corrected: Epson Scanner doesn't work after S4/S5/Reboot resume.
    • Added: New interface for identify buttons.
    • Added: Flashit command /s (shutdown) function.
    • Corrected: HDMI video out will switch from LCD to HDMI after resuming from S3 or S4 sleep modes.
    • Added: LP154WX5-TLA2 Brightness Table.
    • Corrected: Face Recognition occasionally hangs after an S3 resume.
    • Added: Toshiba LID function.
    • Enabled the ICH8 CRID function due to an ICH8M version B2 change.
    • Added a Device Access Control function for a Japanese computer model.
    • Added: Support for Lid wakeup from S3/S4 in AC mode.
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