TLP-C001U Document Camera: Image disappears with non-Toshiba projectors

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Posted Date: 2007-11-05


Last Updated: 2007-11-05


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Applicable Models
Document Camera TLP-C001U



The Toshiba TLP-C001U Document Camera uses EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) to determine whether or not it is connected to a Toshiba-branded data projector. By default, this EDID checking for a Toshiba projector is ON. This causes the document camera to stop sending its image after about 10 seconds, when connected to a non-Toshiba data projector.

To use the Toshiba TLP-C001 document camera with data projectors from other manufacturers, turn off EDID checking, as follows:

  • Press and hold the "ZOOM --" key and the down arrow key at the same time, for three seconds -- as shown in the picture below.










This procedure has been tested with several data projectors from various manufacturers, but it may not work with all data projectors.

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