No power-up issue on some Toshiba systems

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Posted Date: 2000-04-06


Last Updated: 2000-04-06


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Applicable Models
Tecra 8000


Toshiba has identified that some notebooks manufactured in January and February 2000 may have a fault that could prevent the notebook from starting up. This fault has been reported on Celeron processor-base Satellite 4090 systems operating at 400 MHz as well as the Pentium II processor-based Satellite 4100 and Tecra 8000s operating at 400MHz only


      Satellite 4090XCDT   Celeron Processor
      Satellite 4090CDS    Module at 400 MHz

      Satellite 4100       Pentium II processor
                           Module at 400 MHz
      Tecra 8000           Pentium II processor
                           Module at 400 MHz

The over-voltage protection (OVP) on the mobile module
daughter board (Rev504 only), shipped by Intel,
malfunctions due to the narrow margin and sensitivity to
noise, and makes the notebook inoperable.  This issue
affects logic external to the microprocessor.

Affected notebooks can no longer be started and the DC-IN
LED at the front of the notebook blinks.  Intel and Toshiba
have developed a resolution for this issue that has been
implemented in manufacturing (Intel revised up the module
to Rev. 505) and affected notebooks can be repaired
relatively easily.

Notebooks with the potential to show the no-boot issue
would be in a serial range which begins with “Z9”,”10” or
“20”.  The serial number can be found on the silver product
ID label on the base of the unit.

Customers with queries regarding their Notebook should
contact the:
Toshiba InTouch Support at: 888-824-8674. 
If you are outside the USA, you can call +1-949-859-4273.

You can also contact a Toshiba Authorized Service Providers
(ASP) using the Toshiba Partner Locator on the web at:
   		or by phone - 1-949-583-3300 or 1-800-457-7777
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