PCMCIA Cards tested under CardSoft

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Posted Date: 1996-08-19


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Applicable Models
Satellite 100CS
Satellite 110CS
Satellite 110CT
Satellite 200CDS
Portege 610CT
Portege 650CT
Portege 660CDT
Tecra 500CDT
Tecra 500CS
Tecra 510CDT
Tecra 530CDT
Tecra 700CS
Tecra 700CT
Tecra 710CDT
Tecra 720CDT
Tecra 730CDT
Tecra 730XCDT
Tecra 740CDT
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Subject: PC Cards Tested Under CardSoft

The following is a list of PC Cards (PCMCIA cards) which Toshiba of Canada has successfully
tested in its notebook computers, using CardSoft Card and Socket Services, MS-DOS 6.22, and
Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11.

All network cards were tested in a Novell Netware 4.10 environment. Some settings may have to
be revised to work in the user's environment.

All serial devices were tested as COM2 (i.e.. only one of the notebook computer's onboard serial
ports was enabled).

In general, the user should first attempt to install the card and software (if applicable) following the
instructions in the manual provided with the card. If the user experiences trouble, he may wish to
refer to the notes, under the headings for each card, listed below, or view the README file (in the
CARDWIZ directory).

EMM386.EXE Excludes
The user should edit the EMM386 line in CONFIG.SYS to exclude any range used by CardSoft, in

configuring the user's PC Card. CardSoft uses the range D200-D3FF for its own purposes,
in addition to any ranges being used for the PC Cards.
As a starting point, the user might want to exclude the entire D000-DFFF range, and then trim it back,

to the minimum range needed, after the PC Card has been successfully configured. The following is
an example of an EMM386 line in CONFIG.SYS, with the D000-DFFF range excluded:


Built-in Sound Card I/O Address and IRQ
For machines which have a built-in sound card, move the base address of the sound card away

from I/O 220H, if using:

(1) a Token-Ring adapter, at I/O A20H


(2) a PC Card ATA type device (such as a hard disk drive) in
an Enhanced Port Replicator or Desk Station

Also, the built-in sound card must be set to an IRQ other than IRQ5, to have the various PC Cards
work as outlined in the configurations set out in this document.

The base address and IRQ setting of the sound card can be selected within the machine's System
Setup (accessible through TSETUP.EXE).

CardWiz CONFIG.EXE Settings
"CardWiz Network Card Configuration" and "CardWiz Modem Card Configuration" refers to the

settings in the DOS-based CardSoft configuration utility "CONFIG.EXE" (in the CARDWIZ directory).
The following are the settings used, unless otherwise noted, under the headings for each card.

CardWiz Network Card Configuration (for Token-Ring)
IO A20, IRQ 5, MEM1 D800, MEM2 DC00

[X] Fast Token Ring (to enable 16Mbps as ring speed)

CardWiz Network Card Configuration (for other than Token-Ring)
IO 300, IRQ 5, MEM1 D800, MEM2 DC00

CardWiz Modem Card Configuration
COM Port Order COM Port Definition
First: Port 2 Port 1: 3F8, IRQ 4
Second: Port 3 Port 2: 2F8, IRQ 3
Third: Port 4 Port 3: 3E8, IRQ 9
Fourth: Port 1 Port 4: 2E8, IRQ 5

COM Port Assignment Order
(*) Insertion Order
( ) Slot Order

IBM Token-Ring Auto 16/4 Credit Card Adapter (P/N 04H6922)
port A20
int 5

Xircom CreditCard Token Ring Adapter IIPS (PS-CT2-16CTP)
Run CXCFG.EXE before loading any network drivers.

NET.CFG: Link Driver CTODI
port A20
int 5
mem D8000

Madge Smart 16/4 PCMCIA Ring Node
port A20
int 5
mem #1 D800
mem #2 DC00

3Com TokenLink III 16/4 PCMCIA Adapter (3C689)
CardWiz Network Card Configuration:

IO A20, IRQ 3, MEM1 CC00, MEM2 D800

[X] Fast Token Ring

Use 3C689.COM version 1.14 (file dated 07/05/94).

NET.CFG: Link Driver 3C689

Xircom PS-CE2-10 PCMCIA Ethernet Card
In config.sys
device=c:\dos\emm386.exe noems x=d000-d7ff

Run CXCFG.EXE before loading network drivers lsl, xpsodi, ipxodi, vlm

NET.CFG: Link driver xpsodi
frame ethernet_802.3
int 5
port 300
mem D1000
Netware DOS Requester
First Network Drive=F
This was tested on a Satellite 100CS, port replicator PA2711U in slot 2 (on right side). Used the

latest driver published on www.xircom.com web site "CE2DRV.EXE" dated July 25, 1996.

D-Link DE-650CT PCMCIA Ethernet Card
Ensure the following line is in CONFIG.SYS:


NET.CFG: Link Driver DE650ODI
port 300
int 5
mem D8000

3Com EtherLink III Parallel Tasking PCMCIA Adapter (3C589)
NET.CFG: Link Driver 3C589
port 300
int 5
mem D8000

Xircom CreditCard Netwave Adapter (CNW)
CardWiz Network Card Configuration:

IO 300, IRQ 5, MEM1 D000, MEM2 DC00

Run CNWCFG.EXE before loading any network drivers (see the manual provided with the card
for command line parameters).

port 300
int 5
mem D0000
iowordsize 8

Olicom GoCard Token-Ring/Modem/Fax 33.6
Pure Data Token-Ring/Modem/Fax 33.6

Insert Olicom DISK 1 and type a:setup, choose "Express Install, Netware Client" and follow
instructions. Configure the card for 16Mbps in the installation. In CardSoft, Config ensure that the
Network Card Configuration is set to "[X] Fast Token Ring" for 16Mbps ring speed. In TSETUP on
420CDT, have sound set to I/O=240, IRQ=10. To avoid COM conflicts in WFW then modify the
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.INI as follows assuming that the modem settings are COM2, IRQ3,
COM2Irq=3 (Add this line)
NET.CFG: Netware DOS Requester
Netware protocols = nds bind
First network drive= F

The Token-Ring/fax/modem card is also supported under WINDOWS 95. This has been successfully

tested on the Satellite 110CT. To configure the card under WINDOWS 95, insert the card, WINDOWS 95 will
prompt for a driver provided by the manufacturer. Insert Olicom DISK 3, insert appropriate WINDOWS 95
disks (1,2,12,13,7). WINDOWS 95 will set the following configuration in the Control Panel, System, Device
Multi-function Adapters
Olicom GoCard TRN/Modem 336
Input/Output Range 02F8-02FF
Input/Output Range 0120-013F
Interrupt Request 15
Memory Range 000C0000-000C0FFF
Network Adapters
Olicom GoCard Token-Ring(MF)
Memory Range 000C0000-000C0FFF
Input/Output Range 0120-013F
Interrupt Request 15
Olicom GoCard Modem 33600(MF)
Input/Output Range 02F8-02FF
Interrupt Request 15
One must be connected to the Token Ring network upon boot-up in WINDOWS 95 in order to avoid the

following message:
"Your network adapter Olicom GoCard Token Ring (MF) (0000) is not working properly. You need

to set it up again. For more information, see Network Troubleshooting in Windows help."

Ositech TrumpCard (Jack of Diamonds) Ethernet, 28.8 Modem
Remove the /POLL:1 option from the CONFIG.SYS line:


Run the Jack of Diamonds INSTALL (for DOS) or SETUP (for Windows) program.

port 300
int 5
mem D8000

IBM Home and Away Fax/Modem & Ethernet Card (P/N 10H4707)
Install the software provided on the diskettes with the card. Do not load NESL.COM

NET.CFG: Link Driver FME_NET
port 300
int 5
mem D8000
comport 2
vxdpath c:\windows\system

MegaHertz PCMCIA Ethernet*Modem 10Base-T LAN Adapter (EM1144T)
NET.CFG: Link Driver MHZEM
port #1 300
port #2 2F8
int #1 5
int #2 3
mem D800

The following data/fax modem type devices tested ok:

ANGIA SafeJack 28.8
APEX DATA 28,800/14,400 bps (Model 011-20641) IBM RS232 Serial Card (PN 87G9250)
IBM 14.4Kbps/14.4Kbps (PN 10H9355)
IBM 14.4Kbps/14.4Kbps & Voice (PN 10H8675) MOTOROLA Lifestyle 28.8
SMART 14.4Kbps/14.4Kbps & Voice Mail (ST1414L) US ROBOTICS Sportster 28,800

IBM WaveRunner ISDN or Analog Modem (PN 04H7686)
Install the software provided on the diskettes with the card. This card works only under Windows.

IBM 3270 Emulation Credit Card Adapter
Edit CSALLOC.INI (in CARDWIZ directory), to change MEMEXCLUDE range C000-CFFF to


CardWiz Network Card Configuration:

IO 2D0, IRQ 5, MEM1 CE00, MEM2 DC00

Tested with "IBM Personal Communications/3270 Version 4.0 for DOS (Entry-Level Mode)"
software installed.

IBM 5250 Emulation PCMCIA Adapter
This adapter is configured to use an enabler (the software does not recognize card and socket

services). However its enabler
can peacefully coexist in a machine with CardSoft Card and Socket Services installed. The user

must be careful to avoid a conflict between the enabler's and CardWiz's configuration settings
(both memory range and IRQ setting). The user should also make sure that any memory range
used by this card is excluded in the EMM386 line in CONFIG.SYS.

Note: when installing the enabler, the user is prompted for the slot number that the adapter is
installed in. The numbering convention used by the enabler software is not the same as Toshiba
uses. The enabler refers to slot 1 and 2, whereas Toshiba has called them slot 0 and 1, respectively.

Adaptec SlimSCSI APA-1460
Install the software provided on the diskettes with the card.

SONY PRD-155SB CD-ROM and 16 bit stereo sound box PC Card
This card was tested successfully in a Toshiba Satellite 110CT, with BIOS 5.10. CardSoft has

been installed by factory installation. DO NOT CONFIGURE the SONY card within CardSoft. Install
"PRD-155SB Installation Software Ver 1.2 disk 1", run "A:INSTALL" from within Windows, select all
defaults (Irq=5, SB Port=220, Midi=none, CD Port=230, Game port=200, Adlib port=388). The
config.sys and autoexec.bat will be modified as follows. The sound box/cd-rom has the following
ports: midi/joystick, mic, line-in, phones, volume dial. The CD-ROM is 2X speed.
Cardwiz lines ...


C:\SONYSB\MSCDEX.EXE /D:MSCD001 /V (line 1 in autoexec.bat) SET DS431=C:\SONYSB (line 2 in autoexec.bat) PATH=C:\SONYSB;%PATH%

The SONY PRD-155SB is also supported in the WINDOWS 95 environment on the Satellite 110CT.

Insert the PC card, when prompted by WINDOWS 95, choose to install the driver provided by the
manufacturer. Insert disk labelled "CD-ROM Discman Windows 95 Drivers Disk Ver 1.00" into
drive a:. Control Panel, System, Device Manager, Sound, video and game controllers will report
"DSP Solutions Multimedia Card (TM) Version 6.0" using IRQ=15, I/O=0200-023F and I/O=0330-0331
as resources.

ATA Type Devices
The following ATA type devices tested ok:

Integral VIPER 170
Integral VIPER 260
Integral VIPER 340
Kingston DataPak 260
Kingston DataPak 340
IBM Microelectronics Solid State File 10MB

Note: These tests were run by Toshiba Canada. Results may or may not apply to
Toshiba America products.


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Export Control and EULA
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