ESS Sound System - Windows NT drivers

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Posted Date: 1998-05-01


Last Updated: 1998-05-01


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Applicable Models
Satellite 200CDS
Portege 610CT
Portege 620CT
Tecra 700CS
Tecra 700CT
Satellite Pro 400CDT
Satellite Pro 400CS
Satellite Pro 410CDT
Satellite Pro 410CS
Satellite Pro 415CS
Satellite Pro 420CDS
Satellite Pro 420CDT
Satellite Pro 430CDS
Satellite Pro 430CDT



Installing Windows NT sound drivers is done by:

1. Download appropriate driver from our BBS or from the Toshiba Web Site, current filename: 688NT35.ZIP
Also download PKZ204G.EXE (use this file to unzip the zipped file), execute the file and view readme file.

2. Go into the Main group, choose Control Panel, open Drivers icon and choose ADD (Unlisted or Updated Driver)

3. Insert driver disk into Drive A: and press o.k.

4. Verify ES688 AudioDrive 1.0 and press o.k.

5. Next screen sets appropriate I/O Address** (default=220)

6. Next screen displays ES688 Configuration allowing you to change Interrupt** and DMA Channel**

7. ES688 AudioDrive 1.0 has been added you must restart system.

**Note: Setting chosen must correlate with TSETUP settings!

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