VPM error starting Tecra 750DVD/CDM DVD player software

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Posted Date: 1998-05-01


Last Updated: 1998-05-01


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Applicable Models
Tecra 750CDM
Tecra 750DVD


"VPM" error while starting Tecra 750DVD/CMD DVD player software under Windows 95.

DVD player will not play any DVD movies or run any MPEG (.ifo) files from a DVD-ROM disc. May also be getting error messages "DVD initialization error" or "unable to render file".

S3 Display drivers and/or DVD Software Setup may be corrupted. To restore DVD player, follow these steps:
  1. Important: Determine the drive letter used to refer to the CD-ROM drive on the computer. Do this from the desktop by double clicking the "My Computer" icon in the upper left corner of the screen. The drive letter is usually "D:" or "E:." Use this drive letter instead of <CDROM>:\ below. Example: <CDROM>:\Display in step 5 would be entered "D:\Display" or "E:\Display" depending upon which drive letter is used in your system.
  2. Insert the "Tecra 750CDM/DVD Recovery/Application CD" into the CDROM drive (the drive letter will likely be either "D:" or "E:", check step 1.)
  3. Click Start/Settings/Control Panel. Double click "Add and Remove program" Icon and un-install the "DVD Video Driver 0" software.
  4. Click Start/Settings/Control Panel/System Properties/Device Manager/Sound, video and game controller, remove "TOSHIBA DVD Decoder Board Ver0".
  5. Click Start/Settings/Control Panel. Double click Display Icon. Click "Settings", "Advanced Properties", Click "Change", "Have Disk" and specify "<CDROM>:\Display" (where <CDROM>:\ will likely be either "D:\" or "E:\") for file path. Select "S3 Inc. ViRGE/MX" and then hit OK to update the display driver. When completed, restart the computer.
  6. When computer reboots, it will detect a "PCI MultiMedia Device" and ask for a driver disk. Make sure to enter "<CDROM>:\DVD" in the driver path (where <CDROM>:\ will likely be either "D:\" or "E:\") to install Toshiba DVD Decoder Driver V.
  7. From the Windows 95 Desktop, double click "My Computer". Double Click the <CDROM> drive icon. The Toshiba Application CD Setup menu should appear.
  8. Scroll down to "DVD Soft Setup Drivers" and Click the "Install" button.
  9. The computer will start a DOS screen indicating that installation will require two disks, second disk is located on "<CDROM>:\DVD\Disk2". Hit any key to continue.
  10. Click "Next" to continue installation when prompted for destination directory. Computer may prompt to un-install the previous version of DVD softsetup, click OK to continue.
  11. When computer prompts for which Video Playback System to select, make sure to select "M5" instead of "S3 ViDGE/DX" (default).
  12. When computer prompts for second installation disk, enter "<CDROM>:\DVD\Disk2".
  13. Restart the computer after installation is completed.
  14. Launch DVD player and application should work fine afterwards.

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