Windows 95/98 Sound driver for Yamaha OPL3-SAx (10709)

File: t8ksnd9x.exe

Version: 4.06.2343.VCN-RC2
Posted Date: 2001-04-24


Release Date: 2001-03-02


Applicable Models
Satellite 4000CDS
Satellite 4000CDT
Satellite 4005CDS
Satellite 4005CDT
Satellite 4010CDS
Satellite 4010CDT
Satellite 4015CDS
Satellite 4015CDT
Satellite 4020CDT
Satellite 4025CDT
Portege 7000CT
Portege 7010CT
Tecra 8000


WinZIP self-installing ZIP file. Can also be unZIPped using PKUnZip 2.04g or equivalent. This self-extracting Zip file also supports unattended installation when executed with /auto
Windows 95/98 Sound driver version 4.06.2343.VCN-RC2 for Yamaha OPL3-SAx sound systems. This release fixes a GPF when repeatedly opening and closing AVI files.
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