FAQ's regarding FrameChannel on the Digital Media Frame.

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Posted Date: 2011-08-03


Last Updated: 2011-08-03


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Applicable Models
Digital Media Frames DMF102XKU
Digital Media Frames DMF82XKU
Digital Media Frames DMF82XWU



Toshiba received a notice from Frame Media, Inc. (DBA Thinking Screen Media) in July 2011 advising us that the FrameChannel® service will no longer be available after August 30, 2011.  For more information, please visit the FrameChannel website at http://www.framechannel.com.



Q:  Why is the FrameChannel service no longer available?
A:   FrameChannel has stated that, due to challenges with the economy and FrameChannel’s financial situation, FrameChannel will be shutting down the FrameChannel service.

Q:  How do I download the photos that I have uploaded to my FrameChannel account?
A:   FrameChannel has provided a mechanism for you to download any of your photos that are hosted by FrameChannel in the “My Photos” channel or that have been emailed to your device via the “My Friends Photos” feature.  To download your photos, log into your FrameChannel account, click the download My Photos tab, and follow the instructions there.  For more information on how to download your photos, please visit www.framechannel.com.

Q:  How long do I have to download my photos from the FrameChannel?  
A:   You will have until August 30, 2011 to log into your FrameChannel account at www.framechannel.com to download your photos.  The FrameChannel service will not be available after August 30, 2011 and you will not be able to access photos on FrameChannel after that date.     

Q:  Will I be able to enjoy the FrameChannel service on the Digital Media Frame in the future?
A:   Unfortunately, no. The FrameChannel service will be discontinued on August 30, 2011.  The FrameChannel service and other third party services are not provided by Toshiba, and are not under Toshiba’s control. 

Q:  Can I still use the Digital Media Frame to display or share my photos?
A:   Yes.  You may display your photos directly from your memory card or upload them to Google® Picasa.  

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