1.46GB partition and other small partition are for the System Recovery Options and the factory software image

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Posted Date: 2009-01-20


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For computers running Microsoft Windows Vista, the Disk Management tool within the Computer Management utility shows an additional partition labeled "1.46GB Healthy (EISA Configuration)", as in the screen shot below. This partition is used for system recovery utilities, most of which are part of the Windows Recovery Environment. It does not include the image file used to restore the computer's software image to the original factory image (as when the computer was originally purchased).

If your computer has this additional 1.46GB partition, but not the third partition shown in the second screen shot below, then the Recovery discs that were packaged with the computer contain the utility and software image for restoring the computer's original factory software image.

For information on accessing the system recovery utilities / Windows Recovery Environment in the additional 1.46GB partition, see Support Bulletin 98082663 How to launch the Windows Recovery Environment.


For some models with Windows Vista, a third partition will be listed (as in the screen shot below), which contains the system restore utility, and the image file it uses to restore the computer's software image to the original factory image. This utility can be started by pressing and holding the 0 (zero) key immediately after turning the computer on.


For information on system recovery utilities, Click the Windows Start button, then click Help and Support, and search for "system recovery utilities".

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