Notice of service update and discontinuation of certain Cloud TV services

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Posted Date: 2017-10-08


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Applicable Models
Television 50L7300U
Television 55L7400U
Television 58L7300U
Television 58L8400U
Television 58L9300U
Television 58L9400U
Television 65L7300U
Television 65L8400U
Television 65L9300U
Television 65L9400U
Television 84L9300U




Dear Customer,

Thank you for using Toshiba Cloud TV services.

The following Cloud TV services on the Toshiba models listed below will be discontinued and will no longer be available on or after January 21, 2018.

Cloud TV Services to be discontinued:

  • Calendar service
  • eManual service
  • MediaGuide service
  • Messaging service
  • News service
  • Search service
  • Weather service

Toshiba TV Models Affected:

2013 Models

  • L7300U Series (50L7300U, 58L7300U, 65L7300U)
  • L9300U Series (58L9300U, 65L9300U, 84L9300U)

2014 models

  • L7400U Series (55L7400U)
  • L8400U Series (58L8400U, 65L8400U)
  • L9400U Series (58L9400, 65L9400U)

The service update and discontinuation of these Cloud TV services will have no effect on customer accessing 3rd party Video on Demand services.



Export Control and EULA
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